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20 million euro investment announced for Formentera

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– Juan Manuel Lafuente, the conseller for Water and the Water Cycle, announced an investment of nearly 20 million euros for the water cycle on the island of Formentera.
– The investment will begin with 3.2 million euros in 2024, with a focus on the extension and improvement of the sewage treatment plant valued at 4.3 million euros.
– The conseller met with the minister of Mobility of Formentera and the commercial director of Trasmapi to discuss the new ferry connection between the Pitiusas, which started operations on December 4th.
– The new ferry schedule includes early morning and late night departures, improving the connectivity between the islands.
– Lafuente expressed gratitude to Trasmapi for responding to the request for an early morning ferry, which is seen as an important improvement for the citizens of Formentera.

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