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Autonomous Deputy’s Surprise Decision Grants Conservative Presidency

News Roundup:

The Formentera regional deputy, from the Sa Unió coalition (PP and Compromís), signed a legislature agreement with the Balearic Islands’ PP last Tuesday, in exchange for their crucial vote for conservative candidate Marga Prohens to be invested as president of the government this afternoon in the Parliament, thanks to the support of Formentera.

5 Things You Need To Know:

1. The Formentera regional deputy, Llorenç Córdoba, from the Sa Unió coalition, signed an agreement with the PP of the Balearic Islands to support Marga Prohens as president of the government.
2. The vote of Formentera is essential for the election of Prohens, as she will obtain the 25 votes of her party plus Córdoba’s vote, against the 25 votes of the left bloc and the eight abstentions from Vox, also agreed by the PP.
3. The PP and Sa Unió have committed to establish a parity working group between the government and the council to evaluate the extra cost that the residents of Formentera have to bear due to the double insularity in the transportation of goods.
4. Another agreement includes the obligation to request a non-binding report from the council on all legislative or regulatory initiatives that may have a direct impact on the island.
5. The agreement also includes the commitment to find a solution to the problems of wastewater treatment, as well as the promotion of tourism and the creation of a marketing plan for the island’s tourism sector.

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