Controversial Bus Fare Change Sparks Outrage in Formentera

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News Roundup

Sa Unió Responds to Criticism over Suspension of Bus Tickets Bonuses

5 Things You Need To Know

– Sa Unió, the governing party in Formentera, has defended its decision to modify the bus ticket bonuses.
– The modified bonuses will now only be available to residents, minors, people with disabilities, and frequent users.
– Sa Unió claims that the previous bonuses were not sustainable and that they were the only island providing free tickets to everyone.
– The party points out that the conditions for the bonuses were published before the change in the government and Gent per Formentera could have realized the difficulties in justifying the bonuses.
– Sa Unió highlights the need for a new public transport contract that includes modern fare systems and more efficient and environmentally-friendly vehicles.

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