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News Roundup: DJ and Venue Criticized for Overworking Staff

5 Things You Need To Know:

1. The UGT and CCOO unions have criticized the stress that workers at Correos, a postal service, are experiencing due to understaffing and a backlog of mail.
2. The unions claim that the management of Correos in Ibiza and Menorca is inadequate, with workers feeling overwhelmed and tired.
3. The unions are calling for more structural workers to be hired to alleviate the workload on current employees.
4. Correos denies the allegations, stating that they have adequate coverage and are constantly optimizing their resources.
5. Despite promises of hiring more staff, the unions highlight that the service in rural areas of Ibiza is being neglected, and they demand that Correos ensure mail delivery to all homes on the island.

For a deeper read, the best article we have found on this news item is here.

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