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News Roundup

Can Salia Introduces New “Taste of Ibiza” Menu

5 Things You Need to Know:

– Can Salia is excited to announce their new menu, “Taste of Ibiza – OTOÑO 2023”, which pays tribute to local ingredients and the traditional autumn gastronomic events of Sabors.
– The menu features dishes made with local treasures like carob, pumpkin, Payés chicken, cheeses, sobrasadas, and cabbage.
– The menu will be available for both lunch and dinner every day of the week until the end of October.
– As an added bonus, the menu includes a shot of Ibicencan herbs for interested customers.
– Despite the cancellation of Sabors this year, Can Salia remains committed to promoting the exceptional products of Ibiza to both tourists and the local community. The menu is priced at €35, offering great value for the quality it delivers.

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