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Discover the Hidden Secrets of Formentera’s Dark Past!

News Roundup

The ‘Jornades de Estudis Locals Joan Marí Cardona’ began with a series of lectures organized by the Heritage Department of the Formentera Council. The first lecture titled ‘Documents on the Penal Colony of Formentera in the Archive of the Penitentiary Center of Palma’, was given by Carolina Tur Serra. This Francoist internment camp, located on the shores of s’Estany des Peix in La Savina, held over 1,500 republican prisoners between 1940 and 1942, with 58 of them dying of hunger or diseases due to the terrible living conditions.

5 Things You Need To Know

  • Yesterday marked the start of the ‘Jornades de Estudis Locals Joan Marí Cardona’, organized by the Formentera Council’s Heritage Department, with a lecture on the Penal Colony of Formentera during the Francoist period.
  • Today, a lecture titled ‘El yacimiento arqueológico de Can Celleras, vénda de Monestir, la Mola’ will be held, discussing the archaeological site of Can Celleras.
  • Tomorrow, the secretary of the Formentera Council, Ángel Custodio Navarro, will give a lecture on the Civil Law and the identity of the Pitiusas Islands.
  • On Thursday, the results of the ‘Memoria del campesinado’ project will be presented, a research project funded by the Council in 2019.
  • The ‘Jornades de Estudis Locals Joan Marí Cardona’ will conclude on Friday with a lecture on the project ‘Versus+/Heritage for people’, which focuses on the promotion of cultural heritage in Formentera.

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