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Discover the Latest Innovation in Ibiza’s Bus Stops!

News Roundup

A recent article discusses the installation of information screens at bus stops in Ibiza. These screens will provide real-time information on the arrival times of buses, and will be powered by solar panels. A total of 190 bus stops will have these screens, with priority given to the busiest stops. The screens will also include QR codes for accessing bus schedules online.

5 Things You Need To Know

– Ibiza has installed information screens at 190 bus stops, providing real-time information on bus arrival times.
– The screens are powered by solar panels and also include QR codes for accessing bus schedules online.
– The installation of these screens is part of the Smart Island project, with funding support from the Next Generation program.
– Some screens are already in operation, while others are still being tested and not yet fully functional.
– The Ibiza Council is also planning a comprehensive refurbishment of bus stops, with an investment of over four million euros.

For a deeper read, the best article we have found on this news item is here.



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