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Discover the Ultimate Ibiza Food & Music Experience!

News Roundup

A popular venue in Ibiza, Cova Santa, is set to host live music and food experiences featuring renowned DJs such as Jamie Jones and Ricardo Villalobos. The exclusive hillside location offers a premium food and music experience, with performances from electronic music’s elite and a menu curated by a Michelin Star chef. The venue, known for its stunning natural cave and panoramic views, will also have a secluded VIP area and a selection of drinks and cocktails. The events will run throughout the summer, providing a unique Ibiza adventure for food and music lovers.

5 Things You Need To Know

– Cova Santa in Ibiza is hosting live music and food experiences throughout the summer.
– Renowned DJs such as Jamie Jones, Ricardo Villalobos, and Adam Beyer will be performing at the venue.
– The menu for the events is curated by a Michelin Star chef, offering a premium dining experience.
– The venue boasts a stunning natural cave, panoramic views, and a secluded VIP area.
– Tickets are selling fast, so interested individuals should secure their tables quickly.

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