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Escape to Formentera’s Paradise: Uplifting Electronic Music Sets!

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**5 Things You Need To Know**

– Ibiza Global Radio has filmed a new series of music recordings in Formentera, a beautiful part of the Balearic Islands.
– The recordings feature a mix of talent from Ibiza Global Radio and their collaborators, including DJ names such as Joenlefou, Pete Sabo, Marty McFly, Toni Moreno, Jose Maria Ramon, Xavi Emparan, and Nima Gorji.
– The sets will be available to stream via Ibiza Global TV, the Ibiza Global Radio app, and Facebook Live.
– The first set by Joenlefou will debut on Friday, June 17th at 21:00.
– More exciting events will be taking place throughout the summer, so stay tuned for updates.

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