Firefighters save the day! Massive forest fire averted

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News Roundup

Rapid intervention by Formentera firefighters prevented a wildfire from spreading to a nearby wooded area yesterday afternoon. The fire started in a ravine on the path of es Mal Pas and could have become much larger if not for the quick response. The fire was under control within ten minutes of the firefighters’ arrival, with a total area of approximately 100 square meters of agricultural land burnt.

5 Things You Need To Know

  • Formentera firefighters have been conducting daily surveillance routes since the beginning of May, as the high fire risk season started.
  • The public has been urged to exercise caution and avoid any reckless behavior that may result in forest fires, especially given the high temperatures.
  • From May 1st to October 15th, it is prohibited to light fires in forested areas or within 50 meters of them. Permission from the Ministry of Environment of the Balearic Government is required to light fires between 50 and 500 meters from forested areas.
  • The Formentera firefighting team consists of sixteen firefighters, fifteen full-time professionals, and one on-call firefighter.
  • In case of any fire-related emergencies, the emergency number 112 should be called.

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