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Formentera’s Public Transport to See Massive Increase in 2023!

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– 5,000 users used public transport in Formentera in November, 1,505 more than the same month last year.
– It is projected that a total of 285,000 users will utilize the bus service in Formentera in 2023, with increased subsidies and free transport for residents, regular users, minors, and people with disabilities.
– The mobility councillor, Veronica Castelló, announced that new bus schedules will be implemented from January 8th, with an hourly bus frequency and expanded routes covering the entire island.
– The new winter bus schedules fulfill a commitment to enhance and improve public land transport, made possible by the approval of the island’s budgets for 2024.
– Bonuses will continue in 2024, with the intention of extending them throughout the year, pending confirmation based on the country’s budget and potential new aid for the island’s council to compensate for these bonuses.

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