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**News Roundup**

Freddie Mercury’s Legendary 41st Birthday Party in Ibiza

**5 Things You Need To Know**

1. Freddie Mercury celebrated his 41st birthday with a wild party in Ibiza

– The Queen frontman organized a lavish celebration to mark his birthday.
– The party was not associated with any significant event but was a way for Mercury to have a wild time before his untimely death due to HIV.
– Over 500 guests attended the party, including celebrities such as Kylie Minogue, Julio Iglesias, and Bon Jovi.

2. The party took place at Hotel Pikes in Ibiza

– Hotel Pikes, owned by Australian entrepreneur Tony Pike, became a popular destination for international pop stars.
– The hotel was known for its exclusivity and hosted various musicians and celebrities, including George Michael who filmed a music video there.

3. Freddie Mercury’s personal character was highlighted

– Tom Pike, owner of Hotel Pikes, described Freddie Mercury as a wonderful human being who was considerate of others.
– Mercury was grateful to the hotel staff and enjoyed playing tennis, hosting dinners, and entertaining guests by playing piano and singing.

4. Notable absence of Elton John

– Elton John did not attend Mercury’s birthday party due to a scandal involving false reports of involvement with underage escorts.
– Although John later sued the newspaper and received compensation, he decided it was not the right time to be associated with the party’s expected promiscuity and drug use.

5. The party was a legendary celebration

– The celebration lasted for three days and included extravagant decorations, performances, and fireworks visible from the neighboring island of Mallorca.
– Rumors circulated after the party, with tabloids claiming that cocaine was offered instead of sugar for breakfast cereal, which Tony Pike vehemently denied.

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