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News Roundup

Formentera’s Council, through the Culture department, presents the seventeenth edition of the Outdoor Cinema series. This series allows residents and tourists to enjoy summer nights and the screening of classic and contemporary movies from Spain and around the world for free.

5 Things You Need To Know

  • The Outdoor Cinema series will showcase a total of thirty-two films from various nationalities, ranging from the 1920s to the present day, all in their original version with Spanish subtitles.
  • The screenings will take place on Tuesdays at ses Eres garden in Sant Francesc, on Thursdays at the Church square in Sant Ferran, and on Fridays at the Casa del Poble courtyard in La Mola.
  • The film selection will include a variety of genres, from exciting action and adventure movies to touching dramas and refreshing comedies, providing a diverse and captivating catalogue for all movie lovers.
  • The series will kick off on June 27th with the screening of “Brokeback Mountain” in commemoration of International LGBTQ+ Pride Day. The movie tells the story of Ennis and Jack, who meet while waiting to be hired by a rancher and develop an intimate relationship in the majestic Brokeback Mountain.
  • Other notable films to be screened include “The Other Side of Hope” on June 29th, which tells the story of a Syrian refugee whose asylum request is rejected, “Loving Vincent” on July 7th, a visually stunning film about the relationship between the brother of Vincent van Gogh and a mailman’s son, and “Maixabel” on August 22nd, which follows the journey of a woman whose husband was killed by ETA and receives a request to meet one of the assassins.

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