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German Artist Finds Inspiration in Formentera Home

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Helena Belzer, a German artist, arrived in Formentera in 1967 and lived there for two years. She had previously visited Ibiza in 1961 and became acquainted with the art scene there. Belzer later settled in Formentera, where she currently resides and creates art. In an exhibition called ‘Lieu de Memoire’, Belzer showcases her work alongside curator Manolo Oya. Belzer recounts her journey of self-discovery and artistic growth, exploring themes of rebellion, language, and personal healing.

5 Things You Need To Know

– Helena Belzer moved to Formentera in 1967 and lived in the iconic es MolĂ­ Vell de la Mola.
– She was introduced to the art world in Ibiza in 1961 and was inspired by the many painters living there.
– Belzer’s decision to stop speaking her native language, German, was an act of rebellion against the Nazi regime.
– She is a self-taught artist who found solace and therapy in painting.
– Belzer’s current exhibition, ‘Lieu de Memoire’, explores themes of memory, the Holocaust, and personal expression.

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