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Government Crisis Unfolding in Formentera Leads to Chaos

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Content: A crisis has erupted in the Consell of Formentera due to the president, Llorenç Córdoba, who is requesting the resignation of two of his vice presidents and is unwilling to step down himself.

5 Things You Need To Know

– The eight members of Sa Unió and the eight members of the opposition held a six-hour long meeting, where Córdoba requested the two of his three vice presidents to resign because he believes they attempted to take power from him.
– Sa Unió and the Gent per Formentera (GxF) party members expressed concerns and the opposition is considering presenting a vote of no confidence.
– The PSOE has remained neutral and did not request Córdoba to step down.
– Llorenç Córdoba has defended himself, stating that he has done nothing illegal and that if evidence suggests otherwise, it has not been produced.
– Marga Prohens, the president of the Govern Balear, expressed disappointment in the political issues and stated the government’s commitment to Formentera’s interests.

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