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Government’s Inaction Causes Chaos in Formentera’s Natural Area

News Roundup

Formentera Socialists express concern over the lack of control in the regulated anchoring in s’Estany des Peix area.

5 Things You Need To Know

  • The Formentera Council implemented a regulation for anchoring in s’Estany des Peix.
  • The current government is being criticized for not properly enforcing the regulation, causing chaos and dissatisfaction among users and leaseholders.
  • The regulation is currently undergoing administrative procedures and will be reviewed and approved by the Consell Consultiu de Baleares.
  • The Formentera Council is responsible for monitoring and enforcing environmental legislation, although it does not have sanctioning powers until the regulation is finally approved.
  • The Formentera Socialists demand that the government acts within its responsibilities to avoid further deterioration of the natural space and will seek intervention from the Balearic government if necessary.

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