Groundbreaking Day in Ibiza’s Healthcare: New Imaging Technology

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**News Roundup**

Sanidad de Ibiza y Formentera has made history by offering the PET-CT (Positron Emission Tomography-Computed Tomography) scan for the first time on the islands. This new service, provided by Clínica Vila Parc, allows for the early detection and treatment of various diseases, particularly cancer. The PET-CT scan combines two technologies to provide both metabolic and anatomical information, making it an important tool in diagnosing and monitoring diseases. Previously, patients had to travel to Palma or the mainland for this service.

**5 Things You Need To Know:**

1. Eight patients, mostly with cancer, were the first to undergo the PET-CT scan in Ibiza.
2. The PET-CT scan uses a radioactive tracer called F18, which is combined with glucose to highlight areas with high metabolic activity in the body.
3. The PET-CT scan combines the metabolic information from PET with the anatomical images from CT, allowing for more accurate diagnoses and monitoring of diseases.
4. Patients do not need to be hospitalized for the PET-CT scan, and there are no known side effects. The procedure is simple and relatively quick.
5. Currently, Clínica Vila Parc can accommodate 8-10 patients per day for the PET-CT scan, but they aim to increase this capacity to 12-14 patients depending on the availability of the radioactive tracer.

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