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News Roundup

The vice-president and Balearic Minister of Economy, Finance and Innovation, Antoni Costa, has promised to defend the interests of residents in Formentera. He stated that they will fight for a “worthy” insularity for Formentera, as well as a road agreement. Costa also mentioned that they will provide the services of the Autonomous Community on the island, by creating a law to address the problems of coastal regulations.

5 Things You Need To Know

– The Balearic government promises to defend the interests of Formentera residents in terms of insularity and road infrastructure.
– The previous administration’s implementation of the REB (Special Balearic Regime) was deemed insufficient for the island’s inhabitants.
– Formentera faces higher costs of living, with grocery prices being up to 20% more expensive compared to Ibiza, and diesel costing 10 cents more per liter than on the neighboring island.
– The Balearic government is aware of the additional costs and concerns posed by Formentera’s double and triple insularity.
– The government aims to demand compensation from the central government to cover the costs of insularity, as it is currently not fully balanced.

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