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Hotel La Savina Wins Top Gastronomy Award!

News Roundup

Members of the Gastronomic Academy of Ibiza and Formentera chose Hotel La Savina and its restaurant Quimera in Formentera for the third edition awards ceremony in 2022, which honors establishments and products from the island. The ceremony took place at noon in order to accommodate the awardees’ business responsibilities.

5 Things You Need To Know

  • The Gastronomic Academy of Ibiza and Formentera held its awards ceremony at Hotel La Savina and restaurant Quimera in Formentera.
  • The association aims to research, promote, and protect the gastronomic activities of the PitiiĆ¼ses Islands.
  • The event featured video presentations of each of the awarded establishments.
  • Notable attendees included the Academy’s president and vice president, as well as representatives from the local government.
  • Awards were given for categories such as best cuisine, best chef, sustainable local product, and tradition family restaurant.

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