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News Roundup: Ibiza’s Maikel Romero, a well-known figure in the club, has taken on the responsibility of coaching the SD Formentera football team. In an interview, he discusses his role as a coach, the new signings, and the atmosphere within the team. Romero, who previously played for Formentera, reflects on his experience and expresses ambition for the upcoming season. The team is focused on having possession of the ball and being aggressive both defensively and offensively. The coach emphasizes the importance of good communication and believes that all coaches leave an impact on players. With a new squad, building chemistry among the players is crucial.

5 Things You Need To Know:
1. Maikel Romero, an Ibiza native, has taken on the role of coach for the SD Formentera football team.
2. The team is working on assimilating new concepts and developing strong teamwork.
3. The coaching staff, consisting of both young and experienced members, has quickly connected and is working well together.
4. The team is still considering potential new signings to strengthen their squad.
5. The goal for the upcoming season is to aim high and compete at the highest level possible, rather than just aiming for survival.

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