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A new regulation is being implemented in Ibiza that aims to control light pollution and reduce the projection of light in outdoor areas. The regulation, which is already in place in Menorca, will divide the island into different categories of light protection. Violations of the regulation can result in fines of up to €86,000.

5 Things You Need To Know

– The ‘Regulation for the Protection of the Night Environment on the Island of Ibiza’ will be initially approved in a plenary session of the Consell. The final version of the regulation will be known after a period of public exposure and suggestions for modifications.

– The areas with the highest natural protection and astronomical value, such as the Natural Park of Ses Salines, Cala d’Hort area, Illots de Ponent, coast of Es Amunts, and Tagomago, will have the highest level of protection and zero emissions. Other areas will have reduced levels of light emission.

– Restrictions on light projection will be in effect from 10 pm to sunrise in winter and midnight in summer.

– Specific criteria will be applied to different activities and types of lighting, such as road, industrial, ornamental, commercial, advertising, sports, recreational, and security lighting. Prohibited lighting practices, such as laser lights pointing towards the sky, have already been banned.

– Exemptions may be granted for temporary periods and will be determined by the local municipalities. Violations of the regulation can result in fines ranging from €120 to €86,000. Existing establishments will have four years to comply with the regulation.

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