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News Roundup: DJ Jordi Morales García Shares Experience in Paralympic Sports with Students

5 Things You Need To Know:
– Jordi Morales García, a top-level Paralympic table tennis player, spoke to over 140 primary school students about his experience in sports and the relationship between ability and disability.
– Morales, who was born with spina bifida, discussed the importance of talking about disability and recognizing the capabilities of individuals with disabilities.
– The event, organized by the Department of Sports of the Consell and the ‘Fundación Sanitas’ Chair of Inclusive Sports Studies (CEDI), aimed to promote inclusion, understanding, and practicality among young people.
– After the talk, students participated in practical activities such as seated volleyball, goalball, football, and athletics for visually impaired individuals.
– The event aimed to educate and normalize discussions about disability, showing that people with disabilities can participate in sports and have successful careers in related fields.

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