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News Roundup

Carlos Willengton returns to Ibiza for a set on the rooftop of Hotel Ocean Drive.

5 Things You Need To Know

  • Carlos Willengton, a Uruguayan DJ with 40 years of experience, will be headlining the Hola Sunset! event at the Sky Bar of Hotel Ocean Drive Ibiza.
  • The rooftop of Hotel Ocean Drive offers incredible views and will be the perfect setting for a vinyl showcase by a selection of artists.
  • Joining Carlos Willengton at the event will be Horacio Cruz, a vinyl expert in Spain, and Daver Garzia, representing the Ibiza scene.
  • The Hola Sunset! event will take place on Wednesday, 19th and guests are advised to arrive early as spaces are limited.
  • To secure a spot, guests can sign up on the guest list through the provided link: https://sales.premiumguest.com/ocean-drive-ibiza/es/ocean-drive-ibiza/hola-sunset/

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