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Local president accused of embezzlement and corruption scandal

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  • Members of the Formentera council from the PP and Compromís parties held a press conference to explain the behind-the-scenes reasons leading to the unilateral actions of Llorenç Córdoba.
  • They accused Córdoba of requesting extra pay from the council and the president of the government because he was in dire financial straits, despite earning €80,000 a year from his presidential and deputy positions.
  • Córdoba denied seeking financial gain or causing the crisis, stating that the actions by his ex-government colleagues were an attack on him.
  • Despite his poor financial situation, Córdoba declined to resign and criticized his ex-colleagues in the public and private sectors for trying to force him to step down.
  • Córdoba was expelled from the political coalition Sa Unió and is now a non-attached counselor.

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