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*News Roundup*

Marc Lloret, also known as Marc de Niro in Ibiza, participated in the ‘Got Talent’ competition on Telecinco this Saturday with an imitation of Robert de Niro. Despite his efforts, he was not selected to continue in the competition.

*5 Things You Need To Know*

1. Marc Lloret, known as Marc de Niro, imitated Robert de Niro on the ‘Got Talent’ show in Ibiza.
2. Despite his imitation of the famous actor, Marc was not chosen to move forward in the competition.
3. The jury, including Risto Mejide, Paula Echeverria, Edurne, and Florentino Fernandez, did not select Marc to proceed.
4. Marc has been living in Ibiza for many years and has participated in numerous competitions as a double of Robert de Niro.
5. Marc’s resemblance to the actor is so strong that he has been mistaken for Robert de Niro in various occasions, even by television channels at the San Sebastian Film Festival in 2015.

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