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News Roundup: Fire at Formentera landfill continues to burn

5 Things You Need To Know:
1. The fire at the es Cap de Barbaria landfill in Formentera is still active and the plan is to let all the material burn until it is consumed.
2. Measures have been taken to stop the transportation of bulky waste to the landfill and a new area has been designated for the accumulation of this type of waste.
3. Trucks transporting construction waste are operating normally, as well as the collection of other types of waste such as paper, plastic, and glass.
4. Nearby residents are still affected by the strong smell and smoke coming from the combustion, especially in areas close to the landfill and depending on the wind direction.
5. The landfill is separated into different types of waste, with a large mound of construction debris and numerous abandoned boats near the vehicle decontamination center.

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