Mind-Blowing Image Reveals the Hidden Secrets of Tumors

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**News Roundup**
Un marmoleado en tonos rosas y morados. Es lo que se ve a través del microscopio cuando Orlo Moya, anatomopatólogo del Hospital Can Misses, coloca una placa con una muestra de tejido. La imagen recuerda a los decorativos papeles japoneses. A las nervaduras imposibles de plantas prehistóricas. A un caleidoscopio algo caótico. A un estampado paisley frenético, desgastado por el uso. La imagen, que además de acercando los ojos al microscopio se puede ver en un monitor, es bellísima.

**5 Things You Need To Know**
– A team of 14 professionals, including the anatomopathologists Niurka Cerda, Orlo Moya, and Mirko Neumann, work in the Pathological Anatomy service at Hospital Can Misses.
– Their job is to detect irregularities, chaos, and abnormalities in human tissue samples, helping to confirm or rule out suspicions of diseases.
– The samples are received in containers filled with formalin to prevent deterioration, and are then prepared by a team of technicians in the pathology lab.
– The samples are transformed into small translucent paraffin blocks, which are then sliced into thin sections for analysis, using various stains to highlight different structures.
– The anatomopathologists analyze the stained slides and provide detailed reports to the clinicians, helping them determine the diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment options for patients.

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