Naval Sector in Formentera in Crisis: Angry and Dissatisfied

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News Roundup

This article discusses the discontent and anger within the nautical sector of Formentera due to the crisis they are experiencing this season, which they attribute to misguided measures by the Balearic Port Authority (APB) and the previous island council. The lack of services and high prices for mooring spaces have led many customers to choose other, more affordable Mediterranean ports. The representative of the sector emphasizes the need for a change in the APB’s approach and a focus on improving services. There is concern that if changes are not made, the nautical sector in Formentera will continue to decline.

5 Things You Need To Know

– The nautical sector in Formentera is experiencing a crisis due to the high prices of mooring spaces and lack of services.
– Many customers are opting for more affordable Mediterranean ports instead of Formentera.
– The Balearic Port Authority (APB) is criticized for prioritizing profit rather than the best interests of users.
– The quality of services has deteriorated, and the nautical sector is suffering as a result.
– There is hope for change in the future, but it requires a radical shift in approach and better communication between stakeholders.

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