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New Ibiza Sewage Treatment Plant Almost Ready!

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A new water treatment plant in Ibiza is expected to be completed by June, according to the Director General of Water at the Ministry of Ecological Transition.

5 Things You Need To Know

– The director general of the Ministry of Ecological Transition announced that the new water treatment plant in Ibiza should be ready for testing by February and fully operational by May or June.
– The new treatment facility has suffered delays due to archaeological findings, leading to an increased budget from 25 to nearly 40 million euros.
– The mayor of Eivissa and other officials visited the construction site and welcomed the forthcoming completion of the plant to alleviate the impact of poorly treated wastewater in the city.
– The treatment plant’s construction faced modifications due to public objections, leading to changes in the pipeline layout, and later with the discovery of archaeological remains along the canal route.
– Despite the challenges, the installation of sewage pumps and evacuations is nearly complete, with only a small section remaining.

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