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News Roundup

In her inauguration speech, Marga Prohens mentioned all the Balearic Islands and pledged to be the president of all four islands, respecting their individual desires and ways of life. She emphasized the need for improvement in the healthcare system in Ibiza and stated that her first meeting as president would be with healthcare professionals. Prohens also highlighted the importance of protecting Formentera’s rights and services, particularly access to quality healthcare. Additionally, she promised support for Mallorca’s municipalities and the cohesion of the island, as well as a shift away from restrictions in Menorca towards promoting sustainability and preserving the island’s resources. Prohens aims to bring about positive change and create opportunities for the residents of the Balearic Islands.

5 Things You Need To Know:

  • Marga Prohens wants to be the president of all four Balearic Islands, respecting their individual characteristics.
  • She plans to address the healthcare issues in Ibiza and prioritize the needs of patients, particularly oncology patients.
  • Prohens wants to ensure that Formentera receives the attention and services it deserves, including quality healthcare.
  • Mallorca’s municipalities will receive support from the government to foster cohesion and improve access to services.
  • In Menorca, there will be a shift towards utilizing the Law of Biosphere Reserve to ensure sustainability and resource preservation, as well as acknowledging the importance of rural communities.

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