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News Roundup:

The Consellera of Citizen Participation of the Formentera Insular Council, Eva Nieto, has sent a letter to the island’s entities and associations with a dual purpose. Firstly, to officially introduce herself as the new head of the area and therefore president of the Consell d’Entitats. And secondly, to offer her availability to assist these associations with any needs they may have.

5 Things You Need To Know:

1. Eva Nieto is the new head of the Citizen Participation department of the Formentera Insular Council.

2. The Consell d’Entitats is the appropriate channel for associations to participate in decision-making processes.

3. Associations in Formentera are invited to designate their representatives in the Consell d’Entitats to address their concerns and carry out necessary projects.

4. The members of the Consell d’Entitats are being renewed according to the regulations.

5. Associations can submit the necessary documentation to designate their representatives through the Office of Citizen Attention or electronically. The Consell d’Entitats plays a significant role in decision-making processes, particularly in the regulation of vehicle entry and the selection of projects included in participatory budgets. However, the decisions made by this advisory body are not binding for the insular government.

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