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Police arrest Algerian migrants smuggling ring in Ibiza

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Summary: Three individuals of Algerian origin have been arrested by the National Police of Ibiza, accused of being part of a criminal organization dedicated to transporting migrants by boat from Algeria to the island.

5 Things You Need To Know

– Three individuals of Algerian origin were arrested for allegedly transporting 16 Algerian migrants to Ibiza by boat.
– The migrants were given initial healthcare by members of the Red Cross after being discovered in a precarious state after their journey.
– The migrants had paid approximately 2,500 euros to be transported to Ibiza in a high-speed boat that reduces the travel time from 24-30 hours to just 8.
– The alleged organizers of the journey were arrested and put in provisional prison.
– The National Police continue their investigation to detect criminal groups that organize these types of trips from the coasts of Algeria.

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