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Political Crisis in Formentera: President Denies Allegations

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– Alejandra Ferrer, former president of the Consell and now the consellera in opposition, expressed her concern about the institutional blockade caused by the crisis within the Sa Unió government team.
– The crisis has led to a lack of day-to-day functioning, the image of mismanagement, and potential problems for the approval of the 2024 Consell budget.
– Sa Unió has called for the president of Consell to resign, but the president, Llorenç Córdoba, has refused, claiming he is a victim of a personal attack.
– A meeting between Sa Unió and GxF was marked for possible crisis solutions, but without collaboration, the Consell remains blocked.
– The secretary general of the socialists of Formentera, Rafa Ramírez, also called for Sa Unió to present concrete proof before taking any serious action.

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