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Political earthquake in Formentera shakes the Balearic Islands

News Roundup

There’s a political earthquake in Formentera that has affected the Consolat de Mar. Llorenç Córdoba, the 26th deputy of Marga Prohens, has declared his independence from the governor after only five months.

5 Things You Need To Know

– Llorenç Córdoba has requested a change of seat in the Balearic Parliament, from sitting with the PP group to joining the Mixed Group.
– Córdoba is demanding the resignation of two island consellers from Sa Unió due to allegations of sabotage.
– The president insists that he has no plans to remove his consellers, but he doesn’t trust them and has requested their resignation.
– According to Córdoba, his decision to abandon the PP was because he wants to vote according to the interests of the people of Formentera.
– Conflict in the Formentera government has caused concern among opposition members and the public.

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