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Residents In Desperation Over Noisy, Smelly Waste Bins

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In a town called es Pujols, a group of residents are fed up with the disturbances caused by a set of waste containers located at the beginning of Punta Prima street. After waiting until the end of the season, they have decided to voice their complaints by collecting signatures from both residents and owners of commercial establishments along the street.

5 Things You Need To Know

1. The residents are facing health and noise issues due to the waste containers. They claim that the containers emit unpleasant odors and the early morning collection truck and glass deposit noises disturb their sleep.
2. The accumulation of various types of garbage around the containers is causing strong odors as well, resulting from the decomposition and fermentation of organic matter.
3. The negative impact on tourism is a concern, as some customers of local businesses are complaining and avoiding the area, leading to economic losses.
4. The residents have met with the former president of the Consell in 2022 to address their concerns about what they consider a public health problem.
5. The current solution being discussed is to find a more suitable location for the waste containers, with options including revising existing container points and relocating or expanding them based on issues like incivility or recurring problems.

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