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News Roundup

The Mercat de Forada, located in Ibiza, has become known for its local fruit and vegetable stands. One of the most popular stalls is owned by Bartolo Costa, who sells figs for five euros per kilo. The market, which was started by Andrea Gadret and her late partner Toni el Mahonés ten years ago, is praised for its family-friendly atmosphere and focus on local products.

5 Things You Need To Know

  • The Mercat de Forada was opened in 2013 and initially only had one fruit and vegetable stand.
  • The market offers a variety of local products, including figs, homemade jams, and crochet plush toys.
  • Many of the market’s visitors are local residents, but it also attracts tourists who are interested in experiencing the authentic side of Ibiza.
  • Pep Ramon Prats, another well-known stall owner, was inspired to pursue agriculture full-time thanks to the market.
  • Due to bird infestations, some crops like cherries have been significantly affected, leading to a decrease in their availability at the market.

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