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Santa Gertrudis Fiestas to feature Musical Project Ressonadors!

News Roundup

El proyecto musical Ressonadors protagonizará las fiestas de Santa Gertrudis, que comenzarán el 4 de noviembre y terminarán el 26. Entre los actos destacados se encuentran la celebración del 15 aniversario de Ressonadors con la actuación previa de Morning Drivers, el décimo aniversario de La Movida con la actuación de Tam Tam Go! y el 40 aniversario del Grup de Balls Tradicionals Santa Gertrudis.

5 Things You Need To Know

– Ressonadors will be the main attraction at the Santa Gertrudis festivals, which will take place from November 4th to 26th.
– The 15th anniversary of Ressonadors will feature a performance by Morning Drivers, one of the island’s most aspiring groups.
– La Movida, organized by DJ Petit & Vazquez, will celebrate its 10th anniversary with a performance by Tam Tam Go!
– The Grup de Balls Tradicionals Santa Gertrudis will commemorate its 40th anniversary with a special “ballada” event.
– The festival will also include traditional activities such as processions and games, as well as newer events like Espart&Race and the World Contest of Rice with Mushrooms and Pieces.

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