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Shocking heatwaves threaten economy – find out how!

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A recent study by Allianz Research has found that the extreme heatwaves experienced in the Balearic Islands this summer have had a significant impact on the productivity of the labor force and the projected economic growth of the region.

5 Things You Need To Know

– The Balearic Islands, like much of Spain, have experienced prolonged periods of extreme heat this summer, leading to a decline in labor productivity and a negative impact on the region’s GDP growth.
– A study by Allianz Research estimates that the excessive heatwaves between May 1st and August 4th have caused a 1% decrease in the national GDP, with each day above 32 degrees Celsius being equivalent to a day of strike.
– The rising temperatures in the coming years are prompting the implementation of policies and investments aimed at reducing heat stress in the workplace, with a focus on safeguarding the health and safety of workers.
– CCOO and the FCC group have signed an agreement to mitigate the harmful effects of rising temperatures and heatwaves in the Balearic Islands, particularly for outdoor workers. Measures include increased breaks, provision of water, appropriate clothing, sunscreen, etc.
– The agriculture and construction sectors are most affected by rising temperatures, with 60% and 19% of total hours of work lost due to heat stress in 2030, respectively.

For a deeper read, the best article we have found on this news item is here.

For a deeper read, the best article we have found on this news item is here.



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