Shocking Increase in Vehicle Entry Requests on Formentera Island!

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**News Roundup** Reports Increase in Vehicle Entry Requests

**5 Things You Need To Know**

1. Denials of Vehicle Entry Requests:

– has received a total of 58,736 vehicle entry requests to the island.
– Approximately 10% of these requests, 5,753 in total, have been denied.
– Most denials were due to the vehicles being rental cars from Ibiza, which is prohibited by law.
– This is an increase of around 15,000 requests compared to last year.

2. Increase in Gross Income:

– has generated approximately €505,000 in gross income, nearly double the amount from the previous year.
– In 2021, €264,000 was collected.
– The median length of stay for vehicles on the island was 4.9 days, a decrease of 0.5 points compared to last year.
– Single-day stays have also decreased by 3% compared to 2022.

3. Vehicle Limits and Occupancy:

– Out of the 122 days that was active this season, the maximum vehicle limit was reached on 25 days.
– All of these days were in August.
– The average occupancy ranged between 75% and 99% on the other days.

4. Pending Sanctions:

– The review and processing of sanctions from recent weeks are ongoing.
– It is estimated that around 2,500 sanctions will be issued.

5. Expansion of Electric Vehicle Charging Points:

– The Mobility Councillor, Verónica Castelló, announced an expansion of the electric vehicle charging point network on the island.
– Additional charging points have been installed in different towns.
– Improvements and maintenance tasks have been carried out on all points, including the replacement of old points to enhance electrical power.
– The parking area near Café del Llago and sa Senieta has been expanded from two to four charging points.
– The three charging points on Joan Castelló Guasch street and the point near the children’s playground at sus Bardetes are now operational.
– The charging point at the lighthouse in La Mola is pending a change in electrical power.

(Note: DJ and venue names remain unchanged in the summary.)

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