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Shocking Increase in Vehicles on Ibiza Island!

News Roundup:

The number of vehicles in Ibiza has increased by 29.7% in the last ten years, according to the Ibiza Preservation Sustainability Observatory. The increase is even more substantial if we go back to 2002, with an 81.7% increase. The Observatory highlights the need to reduce vehicle usage and strengthen the island’s public transportation network.

5 Things You Need To Know:

1. Vehicle numbers in Ibiza have increased by 29.7% in the last decade and 81.7% since 2002.
2. The Ibiza Preservation Sustainability Observatory emphasizes the importance of reducing vehicle usage and improving public transportation.
3. In 2022, the number of vehicles in Ibiza reached 159,895, with a motorization index of 1,037 vehicles per 1,000 inhabitants.
4. The high number of vehicles on the roads, especially during summer, leads to traffic congestion, affecting quality of life.
5. The use of public transportation in 2022 was 17.3% lower than in 2019, indicating a decrease in its popularity.

– Observatorio de Sostenibilidad de Ibiza Preservation.

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