Shocking Investigation Reveals Start Point of Devastating Fire

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News Roundup

Specialists in fire investigation from the Criminalistics Laboratory of the Civil Guard were able to safely enter the interior of the rented car warehouse that was burned on May 20 in Formentera to carry out the first visual inspection.

5 Things You Need To Know

  • The experts have identified the point where the fire started and the investigation is continuing to determine the cause.
  • The fire started in a shelf with tires, where aerosols of oils and greases were also stored.
  • The warehouse contained a large number of vehicles, mostly motorcycles, estimated to be around 700.
  • Access to the warehouse was delayed due to safety concerns and structural damage from the fire.
  • The investigation is currently focused on determining the exact cause, potentially related to the aerosol remnants found by the Civil Guard specialists.

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