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News Roundup

A nature study group has denounced the plan to reopen a quarry in s’Espartar, Ibiza, calling it an “absurdity”. The group highlights the significant environmental impact and conservation value of the area, and questions what has changed to warrant the reopening.

5 Things You Need To Know

– The quarry in s’Espartar, also known as the Granada quarry, has been inactive since 1992 but now the company Can Escandell SL, linked to Grupo Empresas Matutes, plans to reopen it with an annual production of 192,500 tons of material over 31 years.

– The project to reopen the quarry was previously evaluated and rejected due to its significant impact. The current process is being framed as a restoration of the existing quarry.

– The nature study group GEN questions what has changed to warrant the reopening and states that the environmental values and effects of the quarry have not changed.

– The government of the Balearic Islands has been ordered by a court to process the regularization of the quarry. The documentation, including the environmental impact study, is now open for public review.

– The GEN argues that the proposed quarry would destroy one of the island’s most untouched natural areas, which is currently protected under European regulations for the conservation of species. They also express their disappointment with the lack of communication from the government regarding the process.

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