Shocking Truth Revealed: Ibiza Council Denies ‘Passivity’ Towards Dump Management

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News Roundup

The Consell de Ibiza denies allegations of inaction regarding the management of the Ca na Putxa landfill, as claimed by the platform ‘Es hora de soluciones para el vertedero de Ibiza’, formed by residents and homeowner associations from various areas.

5 Things You Need To Know

– The local government of Ibiza insists that the landfill complies with the integrated environmental authorization and refutes the serious accusations made by the residents.
– Measures have been taken in recent months to reduce the intensity and frequency of disturbances caused by the landfill, and there is constant communication with the residents.
– Both the local government and the UTE Giref, responsible for the landfill management, are committed to minimizing the negative impacts of the facility.
– The affected residents demand immediate corrective measures to mitigate the effects of the landfill on a wide population area, including monitoring and controlling the quality of surface water runoff, as well as noise and dust from the installation.

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