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Town council gives up coastal land for money

News Roundup

Content: The town council of Sant Josep has decided to renounce 504 square meters of coastline land in exchange for half a million euros, despite having the opportunity to conserve a part of the original coast habitat.

5 Things You Need To Know

– Town Council of Sant Josep renounced to 504 square meters of coastline land near Ibiza and will receive half a million euros in return.
– The council has chosen to prioritize economic compensation over conserving a habitat of Sabina and pine trees in a primary coastal area.
– This decision has been heavily criticized by environmental organization Salvem sa Badia, which argues that it is a missed opportunity to preserve the natural surroundings and create a green area accessible to the public.
– The coastal area where the land is located is already strained, lacking green spaces, and dealing with sewage overflow, making the decision to renounce the land more controversial.
– The future use of the abandoned land and the impact it could have on the surrounding areas remains unclear.

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