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UD Ibiza unveils powerful new anthem: Força Eivissa!

News Roundup

La UD Ibiza has announced the release of their new anthem, titled ‘Força Eivissa’. The anthem represents the values and traditions of Ibiza and will have two different versions, both in Catalan and Spanish. One version is composed and performed by the group Joven Dolores, while the other is a electronic version created by the Ibiza artist and DJ, Anna Tur.

5 Things You Need To Know

– The UD Ibiza has released their new anthem, ‘Força Eivissa’, which will be performed in two versions, one by the group Joven Dolores and the other by DJ Anna Tur.
– The anthem will be played for the first time on October 15th at the stadium during a match against Recreativo de Huelva.
– Tarjetones with the anthem’s lyrics will be distributed to the fans attending the match so they can sing along.
– The version by Joven Dolores is already available on digital platforms, while Anna Tur’s version will be released on October 20th.
– Both Joven Dolores and Anna Tur express their excitement and honor to be part of creating the anthem for UD Ibiza.

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