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News Roundup

A festival in Formentera, Spain, called SON Estrella Galicia Posidonia combines music with sustainability and gastronomy. The festival aims to generate a positive impact and promote sustainable tourism, with a focus on environmental and social responsibility. This year, the festival has achieved zero emissions and aims to produce zero waste.

5 Things You Need To Know

– The festival SON Estrella Galicia Posidonia takes place in Formentera, Spain, and attracts people of all ages from around the country.
– The festival features a mix of emerging and established music acts, curated by Sinsal, covering various styles and origins.
– The festival is committed to sustainability and produces zero emissions. This year, they aim to produce zero waste and obtain the highest certification for waste management.
– The festival is linked to the Save Posidonia project, which supports the conservation of seagrass meadows and the stability of the island’s beaches.
– The festival also offers gastronomic experiences, combining local and Galician ingredients in its menus prepared by renowned chef Pepe Solla.

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