Unveiling Barcelona’s New Generation of DJs: Hola Sundays!

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News Roundup:

5 Things You Need To Know:

– Hola Sundays! is returning to Barcelona on November 12th at Hotel Ocean Drive Barcelona. The event will feature vinyl buying, selling, and exchanging, as well as free masterclasses and workshops with artists and producers.
– The event will showcase a lineup of local and international artists at the Ocean Drive’s hall.
– The first Hola Sundays! in 2023 provided a platform for 8 new artists to showcase their talent and demonstrate the future of electronic music in Barcelona.
– Some of the featured DJs include Aaron Bleck, Alex Silva, Archi-Tech, Xavi Pinós, Niixii, Ana Wolf, Anna Gisbert, and Lisa Rose, who share their inspirations, dreams of performing, and experiences at Hola Sundays.
– Hola Sundays! and Fiesta&Bullshit are currently holding a contest to discover the new DJ talents of Barcelona, aiming to support and promote the local and national music scene.

You can find more information about the contest and its rules here.

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