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News Roundup: DJ Chano showcases his artistic talent in his first public exhibition

5 Things You Need To Know:
– Juan A. Pardos Vidal, also known as DJ Chano, is displaying his artistic side in a public exhibition at the Centro Antoni Tur ‘Gabrielet’ in Sant Francesc.
– Chano, who has been living on the island of Formentera for decades, has focused on painting as his main artistic endeavor.
– The exhibition features around twenty medium-sized paintings, with the majority reflecting the beauty of Formentera, as well as exploring themes such as bullfighting and flamenco.
– Chano’s paintings are created using a combination of techniques, often utilizing wood as a canvas. His use of collage, incorporating various materials including fabric, adds depth to his work.
– The exhibition, titled ‘Thoughts, Poems, and Abstractions’, not only showcases Chano’s artistic talent but also serves as a platform for social and political messages.

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