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News Roundup

La Sala de Cultura (Cinema) in Formentera will host the performance of the play ‘Bunji, the little koala’ on Saturday, October 28, by the company Festuc Teatre, according to a press release from the Insular Council.

5 Things You Need To Know

– The play, which combines theatre and puppets, is inspired by the diversity of Australian imagination, its fauna, and the different species that “must be respected and loved.”
– The performance will begin at 6:00 pm and last for 50 minutes.
– Two performers will bring Bunji, a koala who lives in the eucalyptus forest, to life, and will embark on many adventures through narration, dialogue, and songs.
– The play aims to express and interact through the emotions that each situation provokes, without prejudice. It invites the audience to laugh, cry, suffer, enjoy, sing, and reflect through the story.
– Tickets are available for purchase on the website for a price of 4 euros. People who are unemployed, self-employed individuals without activity, retirees, persons with disabilities, individuals under the age of 25, single-parent families, and large families will receive a 50% discount.

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