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Man arrested with stolen gold worth €45,000!

In April, a significant theft occurred in Sant Miquel (Sant Joan), where 19 gold ingots and five gold coins were stolen from a villa, leading to the arrest of a Paraguayan man by the Civil Guard during a checkpoint at the port of Vila.

5 things you need to know

  • The theft involved 19 gold ingots and five gold coins, all of 999% purity.
  • A Paraguayan national was arrested as the alleged perpetrator during a port checkpoint.
  • The stolen gold and coins have a combined market value exceeding 45,000 euros.
  • The gold ingots and coins were discovered in the suspect’s luggage during an inspection.
  • The suspect is currently awaiting trial for a crime of robbery with force.

Spanish worker trapped under transformer in Ibiza

A 54-year-old Spanish construction worker suffered serious injuries after being trapped under a fallen electrical transformer at a hotel in Port de Sant Miquel, Ibiza. Despite the efforts of his colleagues and emergency services, he sustained multiple fractures and was hospitalized in stable condition.

5 things you need to know

  • The accident occurred while installing an electrical transformer at a hotel construction site.
  • The worker, a 54-year-old Spanish national, was trapped under the heavy machinery.
  • Firefighters and his colleagues managed to free him, but he suffered fractures in his arm and leg.
  • He was transported to Hospital Can Misses by an advanced life support ambulance and is in stable condition.
  • The local police and Guardia Civil have restricted further use of the construction equipment and are investigating the incident.

City Council nets millions in urban penalty crackdown!

Since January 1, 2023, the City Council of Santa Eulària has collected 76 million euros in fines from six major infringement proceedings related to violations of town planning and activity regulations, surpassing the total fines collected in the previous year.

5 things you need to know

  • The total fines collected amount to 76 million euros from six major cases.
  • Four of these cases are related to unauthorized urban planning actions.
  • Two cases involve infringements related to business activities without proper permits.
  • The highest single fine was 483,900 euros for operating a multifunctional facility without necessary permits.
  • No fines over 100,000 euros were issued for activity-related infringements last year.

Supermarket scandal: illegal shelter traps 20 in Ibiza!

A supermarket on Aragón Street in Vila, Ibiza, has been covertly used as an illegal shelter for nearly a year, housing around 20 people in poor conditions, with slow response from local authorities despite reports from neighbors.

5 things you need to know

  • A supermarket in Vila, Ibiza was illegally converted into a shelter housing about 20 people.
  • Neighbors reported unusual activity and alerted local police to the situation.
  • Tenants were paying €400 per month for cramped and unhygienic living conditions.
  • The City Council of Ibiza has been criticized for its slow response to the issue.
  • Legal actions are pending as authorities await judicial authorization to inspect the property.

Discover hidden explosives off Ibiza’s coast!

Over the past seven years, the Spanish Navy has safely deactivated 13 artillery shells found near the islets of es Daus, off the coast of Ibiza, which were believed to have been dumped at sea as a disposal method previously common until the 1990s.

5 things you need to know

  • The Spanish Navy has neutralized 13 artillery devices near Ibiza since 2017
  • These shells were discovered in two incidents, one in March 2017 and another in May 202
  • Historians suggest these munitions likely came from the dismantled battery of s’Illa Grossa.
  • Sea dumping of munitions was a standard practice until banned in the 1990s.
  • The Navy used controlled explosions to minimize environmental impact, though beaconing is considered less harmful.

Ai in hotels: is your privacy at risk?

At a recent conference, Malvina Costela, MEWS sales manager, highlighted the increasing use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the hotel industry to personalize guest experiences by analyzing their online activities and preferences. This technology is not only enhancing guest satisfaction by tailoring services according to their feedback but also raises concerns regarding privacy.

5 things you need to know

  • AI is being utilized in the hotel industry to analyze guests’ online footprints and personalize their experiences.
  • Hotels are integrating customer data from various sources, including online reviews, to improve service offerings.
  • AI-driven changes include modifications to services based on guest feedback, such as altering disliked breakfast items.
  • AI technology powers chatbots that handle the majority of customer queries without human intervention.
  • Global hotel demand has returned to pre-2019 levels, though there are slight regional differences in occupancy rates.

Discover why Cala Calada limits beach access now!

The City Council of Sant Antoni de Portmany has initiated a service for monitoring and controlling road access to Cala Salada and Cala Saladeta beaches starting May 1st, to manage traffic flow and ensure safety during the tourist season. This move, highlighted by Councilor for the Environment Pepita Torres, addresses the high risk of forest fires and the necessity for emergency service access and beach capacity management.

5 things you need to know

  • The service operates from May 1st to October 15th, daily from 9:30 am to 5 pm.
  • It was implemented due to the high risk of forest fires and to ensure emergency access and beach capacity control.
  • The contract for the service is valued at 113,1702 euros annually, including VAT, and is set for two years with an option to extend for two more.
  • Access is controlled through two points and is limited to when parking spaces are full; however, vehicles for the disabled, motorcycles, bicycles, taxis, and local residents or workers are exempt.
  • Alternative beach access includes a regular public transport line by Consell de Ibiza to reduce private vehicle use.

British man fakes robbery, Police uncover truth.

A British man in Spain falsely reported being robbed of his watch and wallet by two compatriots, only to later admit to the Civil Guard that he fabricated the story to claim insurance, leading to his arrest for simulating a crime.

5 things you need to know

  • A British man claimed he was robbed by two other British nationals in Spain.
  • He reported that the alleged thieves stole his watch and wallet containing 70 euros.
  • The Civil Guard launched an investigation which revealed inconsistencies in his story.
  • Upon being summoned to the police station, the man confessed the theft was a fabrication intended for an insurance claim.
  • He was arrested and charged with the crime of simulating a crime.

Ibiza crackdown on illegal rentals shocks tourists!

José Luis Benítez, manager of Ibiza’s Leisure Association, has advocated for stricter regulations on the island’s tourism sector to address the challenges posed by illegal tourist rentals and ensure the well-being of local residents.

5 things you need to know

  • José Luis Benítez calls for tighter control over illegal tourist rentals in Ibiza.
  • Unregulated accommodations are disrupting the local housing market and residents’ quality of life.
  • The surge in low-cost flights has increased the demand for illegal lodging options.
  • Benítez supports continued restrictions on alcohol sales in certain areas to maintain public order.
  • The local government is considering legal revisions to combat excessive tourism and promote sustainable practices.

Don’t miss tonight’s spectacular pink moon and planets

The Pink Moon, the second full moon of spring, is visible today and will remain so until Thursday. This April full moon, not actually pink but named after North America’s blooming creeping phlox, coincides with other visible celestial bodies like Mars, Saturn, and Mercury. Its peak will be around 23:30 hours tonight, according to the U.

S. Naval Observatory.

5 things you need to know

  • The Pink Moon will reach its peak visibility around 23:30 hours tonight.
  • It is best viewed in an open area just before moonrise; a moonrise calculator is available from the Old Farmer’s Almanac.
  • Despite its name, the Pink Moon does not appear pink but is named after the pink creeping phlox that blooms in spring.
  • Other celestial bodies such as Mars, Saturn, and Mercury will also be visible next to the Pink Moon.
  • The full moon marks significant occasions such as the beginning of Passover, also known as the Passover Moon.